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  • Conservation Clear Glass - Tru-Vue
  • 12 month lead time until expected ship date (expected time until completed and shipped
  • Designed To Fit Chuck Sperry's Truth Print. 16.75x22.75 opening covering all white on print. 
  • Color Matched to Variant
  • Custom laser mats
  • Custom painted frame
  • Hardwood removable birch backer panel


Pre-Designed Custom Frames are built to order.  Custom front to back. That takes time. I perform all the work myself, one person. From design to packaging, sand blasting to painting, I do it all. Each piece is unique and tailor fit to your art print. It's impossible to rush anything I do.


With that said, 

Expect a 12 month wait time on all Pre-Designed Custom Frame orders. Always expect delays. It's a waiting game, but I always deliver. 

Truth - Pre-Designed Custom Frame

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